Water/Sewer Service

For new service, please complete the Service Application

Attention renters: Applications must be signed by both the homeowner/landlord and renter.

Completed applications can be dropped off at City Hall or in the after hours drop box located on the east side of City Hall.  They can also be emailed or faxed to 320-396-3478.  A nonrefundable new service fee of $25.00 will be included on the first billing.

Services are billed monthly and due on the 14th of each month.  If you have not received your bill by the 4th of each month, please contact us for a copy of your bill.  Late payments are assessed at a charge of $10 or 10%; whichever is HIGHER.

Disconnect notices for delinquent accounts shall be sent out by first class mail 35 days from the billing date, giving 10 days from the mailing date to pay or make satisfactory arrangements for payment.  Within the 10 days, the City will attach a red shut off tag to the front door of the property, giving second notice before the shut off date.  If not payment or satisfactory arrangements are made before the shut off date, the water service will be shut off without further notice.

The cost of all repairs, replacements, and maintenance of any plumbing from the building water service (not including the meter & meter valves) up to but not including the curb stop), and from the building sewer up to the City’s main sewer line (including the connection to the main sewer line), including thawing frozen pipes, shall be borne entirely by the owner of the premises affected. 
Costs of repair and replacement of meters sized 1” and smaller, meter valves, and curb stops are the responsibility of the City, unless damaged by the occupant of the premises, in which case the occupant/owner shall be responsible for all costs.  The property owner is responsible for all costs associated with meters over 1” in size.  It is important for residents and business owners to know their responsibility.

Fees for new construction connection:

  • W.A.C. (Water Connection) is $1,000 per SEC.
  • S.A.C. (Sewer Connection) is $2,000 per SEC.