MN Cold Weather Rule

Ord. 265. Section V. Subdivision 4.  The City of Braham will not disconnect water service to a residential unit during cold weather months (October 15 through April 15), if that shut-off would in any way affect the primary heat source of the unit.  The Cold Weather Rule only applies for a customer, whose account is current for the billing period immediately prior to Oct. 15, or who, at any time, enters into a payment schedule that considers the financial resources of the household and is reasonably current with payments under the schedule.

Notice of Residential Customer Rights & Responsibility

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule protects customers from water service disconnection between October 15 and April 15.  Protection is available if disconnection would affect your main heating source and:

  1. You declare an inability to pay;
  2. Your total household income is less than 50% of State Median income;
  3. You make the timely payment arrangements agreed upon by you and the City of Braham.

If you receive a notice of disconnection and your property is heated by water, immediately call City Hall at 320-496-8711 or complete the application for Cold Weather Rule Protection.