C.A.T Guard

In 2021, the Minnesota Legislature created the 'Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention' pilot program (Minn. Stat. 325E.21 subd.2b). The intent of the program is to deter the theft of catalytic converters by marking them with unique identification numbers that permanently mark the catalytic converter.

The Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau administers this program and chose the CATGUARD Label Solution as the primary method for marking catalytic converters. The labels are installed by sticking the label onto a - cool to the touch - catalytic converter. A fluid is then painted onto the label, which, once a vehicle is started, causes the unique number to be etched into the metal. Once registered, the unique number allows law enforcement to trace a converter back to a specific vehicle if a converter were to be stolen and later recovered.

The law requires the labels be installed at no cost to vehicle owners. Businesses cannot charge for the installation a program label, but they can require another service, e.g., oil change, be performed to install a label.

To start the registration process, complete the online registration form, the Braham Police Department will register your vehicle with the Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau. After registration is complete, you will be notified that the CATGUARD sticker is available for pickup at the Braham Police Department.