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At the November 7, 2023 City Council meeting, the City will approve new water and sewer rates starting for bills received in December 2023.  The ordinance containing all the new rates can be found by clicking here.

Below are a few sample residential bills using the new rates. Please note that all water-sewer bills are based upon gallons used and that varies from residence to residence. 


Water Base Fee Sewer Base Fee Water Charge Per Gallons Used Sewer Charge Per Gallons Used State Drinking Fee Total Bill
$17.85 $10.08

For 2,500 gallons (minimum gallons billed)


For 2,500 gallons (minimum gallons billed)


$0.85 $67.68
$17.85 $10.08

For 5,000 gallons used


For 5,000 gallons used


$0.85 $106.59

For 10,000 gallons used


$103.20 $0.85 $188.24




The City is working on a long-term street and infrastructure improvement program. At the September 19, 2023 City Council meeting the City's Engineer and Financial Advisor presented information on future projects and potential funding sources for the projects (tax levy, water fund, sewer fund, and potential grants). 


Projected projects and costs are:




Phase 1 Water and Sanitary Sewer improvements   



Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade



9th Street/Elmhurst Street Reconstruction



Phase 2 Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvements



Well Rehabilitation



Additional Streets



Phase 3 Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvements



Major Mill and Overlay



State Highway 107 Project



Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations



Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation



County Road 66

2026 or 2027



The City Council will continue to work on this proposed plan and determine when projects can be done and where the City can seek grants to help reduce the impact of these projects on our residents and businesses. 

Stay tuned to the City Council website page for updates on future City Council meetings and budget sessions.




October 17, 2023 Town Hall Meeting presentation

On October 17, the City Council held a Town Hall meeting at the Braham Event Center. Topics included the 2024 budget, 2024 proposed levy, street improvement projects, water and sewer rates, and upcoming projects for the City.  To see the presentation from the meeting, click here.