Water & Wastewater

The City of Braham currently contracts with PeopleService for our water and wastewater operations and maintenance.  The Administration Department is responsible for the billing and record keeping of residential and business water/sewer service accounts.

The City of Braham relies on groundwater for its drinking water supply.  The City owns and operates two primary wells located within the City limits. These wells draw water from a groundwater aquifer located approximately 200 feet underground. Groundwater aquifers are vulnerable to contamination from human land surface activities. The City is working with its citizens and neighboring property owners to protect drinking water supply by developing and carrying out a Wellhead Protection Plan. The WHP was prepared in conjunction with several local, county, and state agencies. The Minnesota Department of Health is the lead agency for the State program and will assist communities with defining wellhead protection areas and developing plans to protect wells.

Annual Drinking Water Conservation Report

Please click here for the 2021 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report.

Please click here for the 2022 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report.

Please click here for the 2023 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report

Copies of these reports are also available at Braham City Hall during normal business hours. If you would like a copy of this report but are unable to stop at Braham City Hall, please call 320-396-3383 and a copy can either be emailed to you or mailed to you.